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Hana™ Foot Support Available in Black or White

Hana™ Foot Support Available in Black or White

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  • Foot Support and Enhanced Circulation:

  - Supports your feet and encourages motion for improved circulation and back comfort.

  • Active Movement Feature:

  - Promotes motion through flexible platform movements, enhancing the overall ergonomic experience.

  • Adjustable Tension Settings:

  - Choose between light or heavy tension settings to customize the ease of movement according to your preference.

  • Dual Height Settings:

  - Two height options for sitting and standing, providing versatility and adaptability.

  • Effortless Foot Adjustment:

  - Easily change height positions with a simple and effortless foot adjustment mechanism.

  • Stylish and Functional Design:

  - Features a stylish metal base with a non-slip real wood finish, available in black or white.

Key Features:

- Rocking Motion

- Anti-slip Surface

- Active Movement

- Hands-Free Adjustment


Product Specifications:

- Item Dimensions (cm): 17.50 x 45.00 x 36.00

- Item Weight (kgs): 4.50

- Units per Master Carton: 1

- Material Type: Wood

- Quantity Per Carton: 1

- Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty

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